I am writing as Wolf Moisan. I have many stories already.  I hope you will enjoy my stories. I hope to be able have my stories published some day. I also would like some movie deals as well.

The current novel I am posting is The Boy and the Sea Dragon. It is about a 6 year old Cingala boy called Zuangeng. He has adventures on and in the ocean and islands. His companion is a sea dragon who lives in the ocean. Please consider the culture that the boy lives in.

The novel and one other was inspired by a photograph of some sea gypsies on the web site filckr.com. Some features were inspired by the Walt Disney movie Moana.

Please leave comments. Please, no soliciting or censorship. Constructive comments would be highly appreciated. You can email me at wolfmoisan@gmail.com.

I have included part of another novel. It is The Sea Gypsies of Ngoguyon.

I have included the beginning of a novel about an  African black woman, Surya Yaa. She believes in the natural look and wearing her tribes clothing. In this novel; however, she is in the military. Humans are at war with a race called the Yauntzee.